Monday, 3 June 2013

Things you SHOULD do while naked...

1. Walking in the woods. Obviously, you'd need to keep clear of anything like poison ivy or red ants, but who wouldn't like to be at one with nature in the way that nature intended?

2. Riding a bicycle. Maybe you'd like head protection... stop snickering at the back... but wouldn't it just be cool to cleave through the air with the wind caressing you from head to toe?

3. Baking a cake as a 'to do' with a partner. Even better than that scene in Ghost plus you can eat the goo that you'd end up smearing over each other.

4. Washing the car. Another one best shared but one that could extend to the polishing act as well. Nuff said there, I think.

5. Practising yoga. Even if you're not a Diana or an Adonis, this has to be the hottest thing going. And if it's hot either inside or out, it can be a rather cooling and unencumbering way to get your exercise. And again, if you've got a partner...


  1. Ha.. I did number one! I was 16 at the time... I even blogged about it.. I wonder if I could be this brave at 42?