Monday, 26 May 2014

Good news to be shared!

You all know I entered a Flash! Friday competition last week? Well, I got first runner-up!

Alyssa Leonard ( wrote:

Mark Morris
, “Paid in Full.” Wow. This one knocked my socks off! The idea that the aliens would pay off your overdue bills is an amazingly fascinating concept – completely unique and enjoyable. I am dying to know the consequences for putting more than one bill in there per month… Please? :) And yeah, the catch. It seems like such a reasonable question… That last line floored me. Seriously. Then my mind FILLED with questions: These people seemed like friends: were they? Did he seriously just sell out his friend? Does he find random people and convince them to go with him? And, really, what kind of person values a person’s life as less than one overdue bill for internet??? Mind: Blown. 

SO, I'm well pleased with that. Thank you so much, Alyssa. :)

If you didn't catch it then, here's another chance to read it. And thank you for visiting! 

Paid in Full

Bruce shook his head. “Next you'll be telling me there's a tooth fairy.”

“Honest, it's true. I'll prove it.” Reaching into my inner jacket pocket, I pulled out a utility bill. A final demand typed in red, threatening imminent disconnection of my internet services and further additional charges to be paid. Due today.

“And you just put your unpaid bill in the box and aliens pay it?”

“Exactly that. One every month. No more than that or else there's consequences.” I slotted the bill in the box, waited for the actinic flare and then drew it out again. “Look,” I said, “Paid in full. Written in large green letters.”

“So why isn't everyone doing this? There has to be a catch.” My friend looked at me sceptically, still not believing.

“There is,” I began, hesitantly, ”a qualifier. You have to always bring someone for them to abduct...” 

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