Saturday, 31 May 2014

Just for fun - a flash without a prompt

She stepped into the room like it was unoccupied, placing one foot in front of another in a measured way, disregarding everyone.

Everyone else in the room noticed her. It was hard not to. The way that every conversation dropped and then died, the way that every head turned toward her, it showed that she'd most definitely been noticed.

"Nice day for a visit, Bessie. A little cooler than usual for June, don't ya think?"

Bessie hauled herself up to her full five feet seven inches, her rheumy eyes locking onto Jason's. "It is a little colder today," she agreed. "But it's nothing that the weather girl on the television didn't forecast this morning,"

Jason nodded back, his eyes slipping sideways to catch those of the men with the restrictive canvas jacket creeping up on the naked pensioner. "It's certainly a day you'd remember."

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