Friday, 20 June 2014

The Crown: Flash fiction time again!

Tegan sheathed the blade in the Queen’s chest, following through and pushing her to the ground. “The people will have proper government now. Not the exploitative tyranny you gave us!”

Queen Regalle IX writhed at her feet, clutched at the dagger for a few moments and then died.

She was their Queen no more. Just a newly-dead piece of meat holding the crown up.

Pulling her weapon free and dropping it beside the body, Tegan stood back, arrogantly placing her hands on her hips. “Time for things to change for the better,” she said. She crouched down to pull the crown free from the corpse, buffed it clean and then placed it rakishly on her own head.

“Long live Queen Tegan,” she grinned. “And long may she reign!”

“Yes, indeed,” said the overseers, subtly but irrevocably taking control of her through the crown. “Long may you rule over them.”


  1. There you go again with the twists! I loved this short piece and I'm dying to know more about the 'overseers' - Gripping stuff :-)

  2. I love to try to twist things about if I can. Just call me the human corkscrew! :-D

  3. It fits! You always take me by surprise. I know I'm in for a treat whenever I start one of your stories - they're all so different and the voice fits perfectly with each piece :-)