Saturday, 12 July 2014

Two wheels beneath me

Two wheels beneath me, the tarmac running smooth
The warm breeze streaming past my face
A marriage of man and his metal-framed steed
Exhibiting a most peculiar grace

With exotic metals and a carbon-fibre weave
All profiled and balanced to be light
They’re carrying their rider, an athlete at his peak
Engaging in supernatural flight

But when the road rises up, the rider rises too
Pistoning legs and with his face all strained
Wrestling the handlebars, push-pulling with his feet
Energy transferred through wheels and frame

Scant minutes after that, the hill’s brow has been passed
The pairing dropping down just like a stone
A rider tucked in on himself, as small as he can be
His senses focused in, a man alone

Exhilaration, perspiration, the satisfying work
The sense of freedom and of health and fun
A man in lycra riding, his muscles all afire
An experience that can be matched by none.

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