Sunday, 10 August 2014

Between Worlds

Just one stumble and everything began to unravel.

Paige had been hurrying home late from the office and it'd been a long day for her. Of course, she had her arms full of folders and her case jammed beneath her arm, and she'd just about managed to make it to the station in time to catch the last train home when she tripped over that case in the gangway. Then everything went flying. Papers and folders and her precious tablet computer and..

And then reality ripped apart.

She'd been flying through the air like a besuited super-hero with pearl necklace and bangs when things got strange. One moment she'd been trying to track the flight of her most important items and the next she was soaring just above the ground, her attention suddenly caught by a grimacing scaly creature stepping out from an open locker. Just as casual as you like.

And Scaly saw her looking too. In fact, he even gave her a nod as he placed himself under her tablet, clutching it to his chest and then to his side as he prepared to make his escape.

Of course, she was having none of that. She'd no idea where this creature had come from, but she knew there'd be hell to pay if she lost the work she had on her computer. Scaly may have been ugly enough to make yoghurt from milk at a glance but the real ogres worked in her office.  

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