Monday, 3 June 2013

Awakening; a try out opening for a potential novella

Erin awoke.  The room was dark and quiet and there was an odd funky smell that seemed like something wasn't quite right somewhere. Pushing the sheets away from her, she wrinkled her nose, identifying the smell instantly.

Turning to the man beside her in her bed, she patted his cheek lovingly.  "You're gonna need to get a wash right soon, my love.  You smell a little ripe right now."  Sitting and then rising to her feet, she padded across the room and disappeared into the bathroom.

David lay motionless in the bed a while, just waiting for her to return.  He was infinitely patient and his life revolved about Erin.  Her warmth.  Her energy.  Her vitality.  They were all he needed. All he'd ever need.  

Erin peered around the doorway, smiling at her lover.  "I'm ready to go again, I think.  Just give me a few minutes to make myself ready."  She dug into the pocket of her housecoat and pulled out a box of matches, lighting each of the black candles in turn.  One at the top of the bedhead, to the right and then two more at the foot of the bed.  And then another on the bedhead on David's side.  She smiled, composing herself to begin.  "In the name of Hecate," she began, slipping off her coat. "May my purpose be blessed." She genuflected and then gave a deep sigh, donating the air from her lungs to the goddess.  "In the name of Hecate, may my spell be strong," she continued, wiping the sweat from her brow and then transferring it to David's.  She genuflected again and then rounded the bed once more, picking up the knife on her night table and drawing it smoothly across her wrist.  "In the name of Hecate; Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell, Queen of Witches, may my purpose be accomplished."  She squeezed the wound and then pulled it quickly across his lips, standing back as she waited for him to stir again.

The cold body of her dead lover lay motionless for a long minute before the incantation and the gifts took effect.  At first the only movement was the slight writhing of the fingers on one hand but soon the whole hand began to clench and unclench in a uncoordinated spastic motion as though reaching for another hand. Erin's grim face cracked into a smile.  "Welcome back my love," she said, kneeling astride his dead body and waiting for the rigor to pass.

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