Monday, 3 June 2013

Extract from 'Glory; an outtake from a work in progress'

Glory dropped the book, already knowing the storyline intimately through avid reading and re-reading of the words that were almost scarred into her memories.  The skin on her breasts tightened and her nipples stood erect against the sheerness of her nightgown. The aching in her lower stomach began to twist a little tighter and secretions began to pool and stir within her sex, her void needing to be filled again and again and again. Reaching across and down, she began to stoke her lower lips tantalisingly as though it were Ă‰cole beginning his teasing and torturing on her instead of on Genievre, beginning that slow burn of desire that was due to grow deeper and hotter and more and more urgent.

Glory's fingers pushed harder against her wetness, three fingers clenched tightly together, being gratefully received as she relaxed her muscles to ease their entry, feeling both the slide and glide of her skin and her knuckles as they rubbed against her softness but also the sense of her own contractions as she quivered and roiled against her hand.  The rings on her fingers felt cool against her gripping and the ridges they formed pulled deliciously up and down and up and down and up and down.  Moaning as though already being pulled inside out from within, Glory began to tighten onto herself, feeling the heat and the sensitivity ramping up and up and up.

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