Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Return of the Queen.

She felt the call in her blood, a call as old and fathomless as time itself. Raising herself onto her haunches, she pulled in a deep breath and howled.

The tiny sun ignored her, it’s ruby-red light barely warming the air. A small beetle raised its head, sensing the disturbance of her movement. Not prey. Time to hide. Anubise punched her hand into the sand, caging it within her thick fingers and then quickly transferring it to her mouth, crunching it down with a gulp and a reflexive shudder.

Ugh. Bitter. But necessary.

Climbing four-pawed to the top of the daisy-covered bluff, she hunkered down again, saying her goodbyes to her home. Readying herself for her transportation to the world her new friends called Earth.

The clothed man reached down to her, running his hand through her pelt with that easy familiarity she was growing to love. Rubbing her shoulders and neck. Pressing against her as she leaned into his touch, growling softly deep in her throat. Maybe these people could be trusted. Maybe they could help.

The man called Barker took her hand, crouching to her level and speaking to her, his words unintelligible to her ears but his intentions scent-plain. His eyes were soft and calming. He was confident but not assertive enough to be a threat. She decided she would follow him for as long as it took to realise her destiny. And maybe longer still.

“Come on, girl. That’s a good girl. Come with me now.” The man stepped away from her, waiting to see if she followed him. Drawing her after him one step at a time. Building up her trust.

When Barker led her up to the man-ship, the wolf-girl alien hesitated for a moment, intimidated by its size and its strangeness. She looked back toward the hills of her home, whiffled softly and then followed him inside.


Back on Earth, the electrum-plated capstone of the pyramid at Giza momentarily flared white, the ruined cities of Egypt quiet as always. But not for much longer. Someone was coming to reclaim the Mira stone. The gods were coming back.

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