Saturday, 31 May 2014

I'm flashing again... Flash Fiction Challenge: The Donkey Curse

I awoke to find myself sitting in a strange car, surrounded by donkeys.
Nothing was familiar. I struggled to remember the night before. My mind flooded with nonsensical unrelated images: a bronze medallion, a dark alley, and an old Gypsy woman jabbing a bony finger at me and uttering something…

And then I awoke.

Strange. It was all so strange. And quite implausible. Maybe if I closed my eyes and opened them again, everything would change. I’d be back in my room, lying on my bed, hung over after a night on the town and nothing would have happened. At least nothing that involved donkeys.

I closed my eyes. But the sounds continued. The snorting and the fidgeting of equine legs. The kicking and the pacing of hooves. And the occasional braying whinny. So when I opened my eyes again, I knew.

Cursing under my breath, I made a decision. I would drive away from them. Find a town. Find my way home again and put all this behind me.

I’d only made it twenty yards before I had to stop. Whoever it was who’d done this no doubt be having a great laugh at my expense, leaving me here alone in a car in the middle of nowhere. With a flat tyre. And with no tools. And with an audience of four male donkeys, all standing around me looking interested. Who’d have thought it - stranded with a flat and four jacks and I still couldn’t change the wheel.

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