Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A message to the past...

June 4th 2019

Dear Grandfather

I sit here in the ruins of your world, writing to plead that you do not act on this communication in the same way that you originally did.

The technology I’m using to send this message back through time to you is impressive, I’ll admit, but it should not be further developed. Even though you will certainly become wealthy beyond your wildest imaginings - I’m sitting in the luxurious apartment made possible by your wealth, so I know that to be true - I beg that you destroy this message and then forget everything about it.

The world today is not as you would have expected. The building block I sit in is, as yet, still intact but I fear that it is only a matter of time before we will be affected. The continual splintering and fissuring of the time-line makes that inevitable. Outside here now, you could walk a hundred meters in any direction and pass through half a dozen time-lines. Of course, they all bleed into one another. For example, there are Medieval knights outside my window as I write, battling dinosaurs with lasers. It’s only a matter of time before the house shields get hit by a stray blast and the whole block is destroyed.

And now, an apology. The thermonuclear incendiary bomb I included in this package should have killed you as soon as you opened it. However, as you are reading this, I can only assume that it must have failed. I assure you that it was not a decision I made lightly.

Our future is at stake.

With regrets

Your Grandson

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