Monday, 2 June 2014

The Fall and the Rise of the City of Thall

The city of Thall in the eastern lands,
Surviving the fall of the meteorites,
Was scalded by flowing iron sands,
And lit by their glow for twenty nights.
Receiving the warmth of the radium pool,
It sweltered until the towers bent,
The people fell sick and began to drool,
Writhing in pain and then cruel torment.
Looking for someone to save their souls,
They messaged the sage in the eastern zones,
He cast out a call through the twin black holes,
Imploring the Doctor to visit their homes.
As luck would have it that traveller stayed,
Resisting the caution of those who said ‘nay’.
He sought out a tablet to cure the plague
But eventually his ring saved the day.


  1. Awesome :-) I love it! It had an epic feel to it, and I really enjoyed the contrasting light and dark of the piece. Great use of the featured words. Thanks for your contribution :-)

  2. Thanks, Mel. I really appreciate that! :D

  3. Way to sneak in the featured words ;) I'm trying to do that myself right now. May not happen with my story.

  4. I'm a dab hand with the word slippage... ;-)