Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dizain#1 ~ Boxes and cartons:

Boxes and cartons and tea-chests and crates
I use them to pack up my darkest cares
Their lids all taped up and held down by weights
And then I secrete them all under the stairs
Behind my luggage and a set of chairs

I’ve filled each of them up, sealed them all tight
Left them to gather dust in endless night
They’re all out of sight but not without hope
Waiting alone there, till the moment’s right
When it’s the time, when I know I can cope


  1. Poignant. I really like this - we all hide things away, but not all of us can say it so eloquently!

  2. I have plenty of boxes. I hope I can open a few again soon and off-load some baggage. ;)