Monday, 21 July 2014

A Sonnet to Cyanide

A Sonnet to Cyanide

The lady was displeased, of course
Indeed, seriously vexed was she
Putting into her husband’s tea
Cyanide enough to kill a horse.
And then to make things even worse
She placed glass in his lunch with glee
Adding and baking it in brie
‘stead of asking for a divorce
The man in turn, he turned bright red
And he clutched grimly at his chest
Falling heavily to the floor
He gurgled once and then was dead
Leaving her all at his behest
With everyone happy once more.


  1. Now that's how it's done! It just flows, and comes alive with dark and delicious humour. Well done :-) I believe that's 1-0!

    1. I think it's a score draw...

      I think yours is terrific. Maybe you win on penalties in extra time?

    2. I'll take the score draw, but only because you gave me some ideas to spark my imagination yesterday and I you didn't completely hate it! I'm happy to know I completed the challenge, despite the blood, sweat and tears and the curses that fell from my lips :-)

    3. We're still friends, right? I'd best not suggest anything more for a while! ;-)

    4. That's kinda reassuring. I think. :D