Saturday, 19 July 2014

Heart beat

“There you go. Two hundred now. And rising!”

Glenn slid his hand across his brow, catching a shower of sweat and flicking it discretely aside. “You’re so inventive, Anna. Who’d have thought you could use a pulse-meter like this?”

Anna nodded, feeling his heat and glancing at the instrument on her own wrist. “Time to pick up the pace, slow-coach. I’m dipping. You could be trying harder. Either that or I could be a little more physical…”

The two of them lay together, coiled about each other like amorous squid; mouths, arms and legs never at rest: their limbs moving as though self-guided. Heightened and transcending and at one together.


Some two hours later, Anna was sitting side-by-side with Glenn; her back against the bed’s head while he topped-and-tailed with his shoulders against the foot of the bed, watching the cool plumes of her smoke curling lazily up into the humidity of the room. Reaching across to her night-table, he pulled himself a cigarette out from her ever-ready packet, the flare of his lighter making them both look otherworldly and alien.

“Make it a quick one, hun,” she said, crushing her own butt out and dropping it with a fizz into her almost-empty wineglass. “If you’ve breath enough to pull through that, I can think of other things you could be doing.”

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  1. Now that was fast! I like this couple; Anna is feisty and lots of fun. I'd feel sorry for Glenn, but I don't think he's complaining! Nice read. Thanks for contributing :-)

    1. I enjoy writing from your prompts. I can almost always find an idea I love to work on. Thank you for helping me indulge myself! :-)